Friday, August 8, 2008

Back on the horse

it all started here

this helped put it into perspective for my readers that were less familiar with training the OHS real hard

I posted these videos to further expand the understanding of OHS for my readers

then came the progress reports

3 is where my wrists sort of 'break'.
4 is my final post. I attempted a few more training sessions with 115 and 135lbs, but I could never complete the reps I was supposed to (i knew my legs and core were capable of) because of the pain in my wrists.
I recommend for anyone that has done 'a couple' of OHS here and there, if they want to catch Nicole, or they wanna be a bad ass on the platform, to START SLOW. Take a few weeks to hit those OHS with less than 10 reps with a submaximal weight. Perhaps something like Starting strength or even PTTP. Build up the posture, mobility, groove and most importantly WRIST STRENGTH to do it.
I may be a unique case; While I have good mobility, balance and excellent(if I do say so myself) leg and back strength, I have bird bones. I have very high BMD (known from multiple DEXA), what I mean is that I have very small bones. Especially wrists. I am meant to be really skinny. Probably a little skinnier than I already am. I also don't press much, and I know that if I could strict press and bench press more that the weights I were using for the volumes that I was using (sometimes as much 70 or 80 reps with 95 or 115lbs, yes; 6-9ooo lbs in one sitting) may not have been so detrimental. So take it from me; Start Slow.
Then go after it with a vengeance!

Here's me back in the saddle yesterday- My last test, from early May left me at 10 reps with 135lbs. It appears that 145lbs and 6 reps is almost equivalent. I feel as though I may not have lost too much performance with this time off, which is a great relief.

I will slowly ease back into the OHS, and hopefully I will have caught Nicole and OPT before Christmas.

There are a few things that helped; Tape, hyper extending the wrists back worked OK too, and SHOES.
These were the brand I went with, b/c I had worn them before, like the moderate heel, and really liked the price! I reviewed them here.


Brandon CFRVA said...

i have broken my wrist several times and now have chronic pain in them which cannot be fixed through any medical procedure. My advice... train your overhead squat with a closer grip, its much less demanding on the wrist, but requires much more flexibility in the shoulders. I have a 225 pound overhead squat and am pretty sure I've met all your goals at body weight, etc.

Jason Struck , RKC said...

excellent points-

more mobility in the shoulders never hurts either.