Thursday, May 1, 2008

Do Win Shoe Review

Guess what came in the MAIL TODAY!!!

I was pretty excited, I have been really itchin to go hit some olympic lifts in my new shoes....

here's the story- click here to see the previous post

I got the first half of my order on monday, all of 2 business days after I ordered them. The shoes were not included, they didn't arrive until Thursday, or 5 business days after I placed my order. I am not certain why, but the shoes had to be shipped separately.

First impressions?
  • style-pretty cool for O lifting shoes (kind of like retro Saucony)
  • fits my foot pretty nicely
  • I ordered according to my usual French size (44), but I ordered one size smaller (43) as that is what everyone says you're supposed to do. It worked out perfect, they fit like a glove!
  • Not super breathable, but I have tried on a few others (suede) that where like spending a summer day in a rubber coffin. After wearing them for a while, I have to say; Not as breathable or light as the Nike Free, (duh) but pretty damn comfy!
  • The heel is actually pretty understated. It's shorter than last year's Do Win, which is fine by me, because like so many other Crossfitting jerks, I have been doing most of my O lifts in Nike Free's. I wasn't ready to start wearing stilettos.

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