Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Crossfit in town

Welcome Crossfit Swift to the neighborhood.

I don't personally know Jen or (?) her partner, but I have corresponded with her via e-mail.

they seem pretty nice!

It looks like they were ready to set up shop, but got jilted at the last second. Now they are beginning to conduct workouts in their clients' backyards. If you check out the rest of their webpage, you'll see some pictures. Looks pretty great. They will be out in the Short Pump neighborhood from what I understand, so if you're way out West, why don't you look em up.

Stay tuned for Mark Pushinsky (Big Mark) and I to offer Crossfit classes a little closer to the city in the West End in the early Fall. We'll be starting off with the garage gym set up, non-traditional, as is the local tradition in Richmond!

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