Sunday, August 17, 2008

World's Fastest Man just got FASTER

Back in the day, I warned you about
Usain 'Lightning' Bolt of Jamaica

Well, he did it some more.

9.69 seconds.

That's all it takes for this 6'5" man to get from 0 to 100m.

The best part; He's a 200m/400m specialist, and he's 6-8" taller than all the other guys.
It's been common knowledge for years, that if you were over 6', your chances at the shortest distances weren't that good. Maybe it was leverages and mechanics (think powerlifters), maybe it was stride frequency, but 5'10" was the presumed perfect height for sprinters.

Take a minute, and reevaluate what you gave up on because you 'just weren't built for it'. Anything good?

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