Monday, April 28, 2014

Energy System Development

Starting this week, we will begin to implement supplemental work to develop mostly aerobic performance. The assumption is that it's been a long time since most of you did this, so there is an initial period of building up volume before moving on to speed and density. 

Along with the assumption that it's been a long time since you did any serious cardio training goes the assumption that you may have poor running technique/economy, and that you may be vulnerable to injury if you try to do what I believe will be required to accumulate the stress required to adapt to this training. Essentially, you can't start running ten miles if you don't know how to run. To this end, it's my earnest belief that you need to get in to Matt's endurance class immediately, and you need to make it a part of your weekly routine, until you feel that you run perfectly (ie you will never quit). 

There will be one running based workout, utilizing your 3 mile run time, and one rowing based workout, from your 2000m test, that you will perform each week. Again, I want you to do Matt's endurance class, I want you to do one rowing workout, and I want you to one running workout per week. To condense this schedule, I strongly encourage you to do your rowing workout within the latter half of endurance class. He already knows you have additional ESD programming, and will allow you to do that instead of what he has planned for the rest of the group. That would make Tuesday night "cardio night" and you could complete your running workout on Friday after barbell or on Saturday or Sunday. 

One final thought: I am not nearly as experienced in designing ESD work as I am at designing strength programs, and as such I am not 100% confident that this program is designed as effectively as it could be. Because of this, I want to observe AT LEAST your first session. Come to the gym to perform these workouts, and record splits based on watts or times according to the workout being performed so that you can tell me or show me exactly how you performed THROUGHOUT the session.

Do Matt's endurance class every week
Do rowing on Tuesday night (during endurance class), or Wednesday (after barbell)
Do running workout Friday (after barbell) or Saturday
Do the first week or two at the gym, under mine or Matt's supervision