Thursday, March 20, 2008

More thoughts on Squat

Here's some perspective...

a competitive (amateur) bodybuilder and FireFighter attempts to beat Nicole at HER game.

I don't want to be too critical, but notice his ROM... depth is much higher than Nicole's, his knees don't track over his feet... at the first clip (certification) he does 11 (terrible) squats with 95lbs, at a bodyweight > 200lbs. I've seen another like this where Nicole does about 24 to beat her opponent. He's not even doing the same amount of work as she is because his depth is so shallow! Humbling it is!

Later, it shows the 'new and improved' Jesse hitting several reps at 135lbs. He claims his current max is 15 reps with the 135. Not bad!

3-19-2008: Jason Struck (159lbs) tests up with the 115lb OHS. Result: 13reps.

See you in 2 Weeks!

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