Thursday, April 24, 2008

Do Win Olympic Weightlifting shoe

Click here
to check out the 2008 Do Win Olympic Weightlifting shoes!

MuscleDriver USA is offering them for $99, which is about $25 less than most people, and about $50 less than most other serious weightlifting shoes.

If you are serious about your O lifts, or are not the most flexible in the calf, ankle, hip or knee, these shoes are what you need. Now! If you've been O lifting for a while, and have tried hitting your Front or Overhead Squats with and without Olympic Weightlifting shoes on, you know what I mean!!!

The best part is, MuscleDriver is in the Carolinas. That means, if you are anywhere near me, shipping is FAST and CHEAP. I have gotten kettlebells from them in 3 business days before. I mean order Monday, Snatch on Thursday fast!

I've been sort of putsing around, not sure if I would get some new OWL shoes or not. I am ordering these today.

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