Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Some spots left!

6 Week Kettlebells for Beginners

MMA and I will be conducting a 6 week class that meets 4 mornings a week, and a lot of people seem to be wondering just what that entails!

Well, first, the basics...

It's a class for beginning to intermediate students who have little to no experience with kettlebells and even little to no experience with weightlifting/exercise

You won't need a kettlebell of your own, that will be provided for you

you can come anywhere from 2 to 4 times per week

The costs vary a little depending on participation;

12 classes=$150
18 classes=$200
24 classes=$225
(that's anywhere from $9.38 to $12.50 per class)

The class follows a progressive curriculum, ie week one is very basic and fundamental material and week six is refinement of the most advanced techniques of the course

A graduate of the course will be competent in all the major KB lifts, such as;
  1. the windmill
  2. the Turkish get up
  3. the swing
  4. the clean
  5. the jerk
  6. the snatch
  7. the russian military press
  8. the front squat
and even a few more ( see a video HERE )

and finally, the class will be a combination of theory, technique and practice as well as rigorous exercise to perfect the technique and improve the physical capacity to perform in both kettlebell lifting and in sport!

If you'd like more information or are interested in joining, please contact myself via mail me or call MMA today, as space is limited and classes start next week!

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Jason Struck , RKC said...

Class meets at the following times;

Monday 6:30am
Wednesday 6:30am
Friday 6:30am

Saturday 9:00am

Come on down, and become a better man or woman!