Friday, May 16, 2008

Where do I get some Bells?

The response to the video that Klint and I made has been pretty great!
My tiny little blog has seen about 150 new visitors in the last 30 hours or so!
The video as posted on youtube is already my most viewed one...
I guess people really are very interested in KBs for enhancing their BJJ, Judo and MMA.
It seems like a lot of the viewers are new to KBs, and people want to know;

-what brand were we using?
-what is the best brand?

Well, in our video, we were using MuscleDriver bells.
MuscleDriver is a newer company, and they don't quite have the reputation that say DragonDoor or one of the older brands may have. Truth be told, there are a number of quality bells out there, but these two are my favorites. Valery Fedorenko and the American Kettlebell Club also produce some of their own bells, specifically designed for Girevoy Sport. They are great, but maybe a little too expensive and specialized for a beginner. DragonDoor too are not cheap. This is why I almost always recommend the MuscleDriver bells. Bang for the buck, they can't be beat!

A little one: 8kg or about 17.6lbs (1/2 Pood)

12kg- a great starter for women

24kg, or 1.5 Pood; considered the standard for men

and the 32kg... for the unusually strong!

Well, I hope this helps. I find that the MuscleDriver bells are about 90% as good as anything else out there on the market, but cost about 40-60% as much. Shipping is cheaper and faster(particularly if you are here in Richmond!), they are rarely out of stock (though at the time I write this they will be out of several popular sizes for a few more days) customer service is excellent, and they carry a line of other great strength training equipment, like sleds, plyometric equipment and lifting shoes.
They also sponsor NAS, and are heavily involved in the StrongMan world. Very cool.


John S. said...


Thanks for turning me on to MD KBs. The price was right and all my athletes at ThreeRivers CrossFit love them.

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