Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Workout with a Human Weapon!

Now that I have your attention.

Fredericksburg Judo will be hosting yet another great competitor; Yasutaka Ohkawa from Tokai University.

He is featured below in the final 'fight' scene from the History Channel's Human Weapon. If you have practiced judo for more than like 2 weeks, you should get a big kick out of Jason Chambers' comments.


VCU JUDOKA: Please mail me NOW to come work out with Ohkawa THIS SATURDAY, in Fredericksburg, VA.


Jason Struck , RKC said...

'missed it by inches'

Gregory K said...

Ha! The 'Jason Chambers is a douche' label is well played.

Jason Struck , RKC said...

that was my way of getting that off my chest without being overtly rude about it.

thanks for reading!

Jason Struck , RKC said...

this was totally awesome.

ohkawa was a great teacher, and a gracious guy.

class act, and an awesome workout.