Thursday, January 8, 2009

Retest of my Max Ring Dips

Don't laugh guys.

A year or so ago, I couldn't really do one ring dip.

Retesting my Max Dips from Full Circle on Vimeo.


Melissa Byers said...

Why would I laugh? Ring dips are HARD. And yours looked really good. Nice work. BTW, what do you use to create/edit your videos? They're really nice. Mine are so ghetto.

Jason M Struck, RKC said...

this video is actually unedited.

most of the time, I will use a software package called "Ulead Video Studio 11"

it's pretty processor intensive, and I have an older XP based tower that crashes when I make my videos. I downloaded it for free to be honest.

It's a pretty simple interface. I figured it out after a day or two of tinkering around.