Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Voting in the Poll

So far it looks like most people want to join the Circus with their KBs.

Don't be afraid to vote!

If the mandate is Circus, that's the mandate. But if all you fat loss people are too fat to say something, all the fat circus freaks are gonna walk all over you.

Marge Simpson: "You don't have to join a traveling circus just because the opportunity came along!"
Homer Simpson: "You know Marge, in a lot of ways... you and I are two very different people."


Melissa Byers said...

Come on... you cannot put an option like "join the circus" in there and expect me not to vote for it.

If I had to give a real answer, I'd like to see some snatch tutorials that give me something different (other than high pull, high pull, snatch). That's the hardest move for me to coach, probably because my own technique isn't dialed in perfectly.

Jason M Struck, RKC said...

the best way to learn to snatch is High pull high pull snatch.


Though there are other details that people miss out on, like shruggin', flippin' and corkscrewin' as well as basics that hark back to their inefficiencies in the One Handed swing.