Sunday, January 4, 2009

Thank you for voting

It looks like Kettlebells and programming are in the foreground,
so in the near future I will be posting more materials on those topics.

I know some of my friends, correspondents and clients are struggling with a few things on the Turkish Get Up, so we may start there.



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James said...

TGUs are a good place to start. I have added the TGU into a squat as well as a lunge into my workouts. This is a great transition into the OH Squats, which I usually tack on a set of 5 each at the end.

Can you address the angle of the arm securing the kettlebell in the starting position? The separation of upper and lower body to complete the motion? The number and pacing of breaths for the TGUs?

Jason M Struck said...

the angle should be vertical. any deviation will increase the load on the muscles of the shoulder joint to keep the bell aloft.

the humerus should be 'retracted' or 'withdrawn' into the shoulder girdle, ie the opposite of 'separation'.

Breath naturally. In the sit up, you may valsalva to overcome the most difficult point. After that you must breath. Even a fast TGU still takes several seconds to complete. Can you hold your breath for a set of five?