Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sutemi Waza


The following are some clips of sacrifice techniques. Somewhere in my first to second year I learned how to attain a 'sleeve back' grip, something like a variation on the Russian two on one, where rather than controlling the shoulder with the inside arm, the back is gripped, often near the belt, lat or collar. I saw some of the black belts that I admired doing 'Sumi Gaeshi' from this grip, and it looked terribly cool. Soon it became the only successful throw I really ever completed on the other judoka that were as good or better than me. Well, today I have tried to expand upon that theme, by learning a variety of grips and minor variations to the same theme.

The Standard Technique

The fifth variation is the aforementioned 'sleeve back' grip approach

Excellent Variations
(as demonstrated by Aronov from www.spartakjudo.org)

I don't often attempt this from the russian belt grip, as I am often concerned I will be driving my opponent's head into the mat.

Competition Footage

Well... That's it for now. This is Jason's Tokui Waza, so there's only so much I really want to divulge. I don't want everyone to know all my secrets!


Feng said...

Just curious, when did you do your Russian KB Cert? How did you find the experience? I'm strongly considering signing up for the RKC level 1 cert in St. Paul this September - so I'd like to know what past attendees thought about it. Pavel's the real deal - that I know, but it is a fair bit of money and I was wondering if it'd be worth the investment. Thanks!


Jason Struck , RKC said...

I think that depends.

If you are concerned first with perfecting your own technique, for your own practice primarily, maybe there are more affordable certs that are also quite good.

If you are interested in coaching, I would recommend it. Sign up REALLY early and get the discounted rate.

Tim Neal said...

I love Sutemi Waza,especially Hikikomi gaeshi,Sumi Gaeshi,Tani Otoshi and Uki Waza. I thinkthese are high percentage throws and most overlook them seeing them as only counters or as simply pulling your opponent down slopily.

Nice vids