Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Do it Right!

A lot of people ask me where to begin in Kettlebell training...

There's really only one easy answer; The Swing. After that, it starts to get more complex. I found a little bit of an easier answer... Pavel and DragonDoor have a 'quick start kit'.

It's the Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC) book, which covers all the basics and then some, the DVD which is indispensable, and a 16kg bell; the classic starter for a smaller guy or a really tough chick.

This is of course is a great way to start out, and it's pretty affordable. I'll trade you 3-4 months dues at the average globo-gym for the equipment and the information necessary to never set foot in one again, any day!

If this doesn't appeal to you, or you like your fitness 'strong enough for a man...but' there's always this;

Even when men ask me; "what's the best single book that covers all the kettlebell lifts?" it's hard to just say "ETK(Enter the Kettlebell) or RKC". ETK is just the swing and Turkish Get Up, and the RKC is just as much anecdote, reasoning, history and culture as it is 'workout program'. If you can swallow your pride, the best one is probably Andrea Du Cane's From Russia With Tough Love. It is intended for women. That is true. But it's also very well written, with excellent explanations and photographs, and often more detail. But anyways. There's also a FRWTL kit that includes the book, the DVD and a 12kg bell. It's also a phenomenal deal as well.

Clicking on either of the pictures will take you to a page giving you all the details!

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