Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lifting Heavy Makes you Big and Bulky

And inflexible, as this power jerk deomonstrates...

Squatting heavy will definitely leave you thick, stumpy and well... squat

Forget about heavy presses!

Forget being lean, or attractive!

You can't lift heavy and still be mobile either!

And finally, you must never train again with any implement outside your specialization; it will only interfere with your sport specific training!

I thought this last picture was pretty cool... Often called a shaolin 'padlock', this kettlebell-like implement has been a popular strength and conditioning tool in Chinese martial arts for quite a while.


Feng said...

great post! I love dehwang's Flickr photoset of Chinese Olympic weightlifters. The intensity captured is unparalleled!

Good luck with your training!


Jason Struck , RKC said...

I am just more and more impressed with their technical innovations and relative strength.

China and Thailand are quickly taking the lead in the lower weight classes of O lifting!