Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Chuggin along

OHS for Reps Progress; 6 sets of 9 with 115lbs... that's 6210 pounds, in about 16 minutes. ~388lbs/min.

Friday calls for 10 sets of 8. That will be about 9200 pounds. Probably take about 90 seconds rest between sets, so I am guessing it will take about 23 minutes. It's about 400lbs/min.

There will be two more workouts, slightly less total volume, to taper up for another test next Friday. That will hopefully surpass 21 reps, and it will be time to start training with 135lbs.

I've also been working on building up the volume on the kipping pull ups following the same progression. The longest workouts have been 12 sets of 5 reps, or 60 in one sitting. That took about 20 minutes to finish, so not too earth shattering yet. There will be a retest coming up there as well.

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