Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another claim

I haven't been focusing on this as such, and hence why I forgot it, but I definitely am pretty passionate about completing 15 reps at or above bodyweight in the overhead squat.

how it started

recent goings on

see you soon Nicole!
(presuming that I could afford a return to a lvl 1, had time and could get into one before 2010)

OHS - Reps X BW from Full Circle on Vimeo.

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Crandall, CPT, AFPA said...

Jason, I think you got nine here, that is very good. Just keep your core tight and get your shoulders up in your ears and you will be able to get to 15 BW OHS. It took me over a year of training to get there, but now it is easy. I have faith in you!! Be SAFE and ROCK OUT!!!