Saturday, May 9, 2009

Workin the gymnastics

Working my handstand, I have decided that
the freestanding paralette handstand is going to be my crowning achievement.
I have also decided to get there by way of a press to handstand from the paralettes.

On my way there, there's this:

The rock and roll from Full Circle on Vimeo.


Crandall, AFPA said...

Jason, try to keep your core tight here and it will come along. You need to do some core strengthening and stabilization exercises before you will be able to progress much at this exercise. Good luck.

Jason Struck, RKC said...

'Crandall'... perhaps you can show me a video of what you mean?

Maybe you have one of you doing free-standing handstand pushups and some accessory exercises along with them?

Crandall, CPT said...

Jason, trying doing some situps or planks to strengthen your core, so you can stay upright and stay upright longer. This is what I do, I train people to be more fit. Trust me, it would help you. You could also do side planks to strengthen your obliques. Just like a lot of my clients, I know you don't want to hear this, but trust me, you will thank me later bud!!!!!

Jason Struck, RKC said...


while it appears you mean well, it also appears that you have neither:

done a free standing handstand push up
nor watched my other videos of heavy overhead squats, other handstands or heavy TGUs from which one could infer that core stability is not really my main problem.

While I appreciate you visiting my blog, I don't think that commenting as though you are an expert is particularly appropriate when you clearly know very little about what I am doing.

Jason Struck, RKC said...

while I agree that Jim Bathurst is stronger than me, I suspect that my main problem in completing this HIGHLY FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT is my lack of shoulder pressing strength.

Functional, def.; of or emanating from the core and outwards to the extremities. Comprising of many joints/muscles. Irreducible. The most mechanically efficient and safe way to accomplish a motor task.