Friday, May 8, 2009

We are the Truth

Matt can be wordy.
Don't let it mess you up. Take the message!

I often blame my lack of popularity on my tendency to say things like this. It may not force you to change your panties, but this is the truth.

It must be real; if it is, then there are no advanced or secret techniques.

The functional martial arts he refers to (like the way he mentions Judo first :) ) are real. They work. Working on getting better at them will be a meaningful journey.

Olympic Lifting is real. You either lift the weight, or you don't. And there is a BEST way.

Crossfit is real. You can either get it done in X time or you can't. Following that path WILL make you a better person. And there is a BEST way.


Crandall, CPT, AFPA said...

Very good post Jason! All of this are very functional and "alive" as you call it. Right on man!!!!

Jason Struck, RKC said...

I am not Matt Thornton.

Jason Struck, RKC said...

please don't also be a martial arts expert.

Crandall, CPT, AFPA said...

Jason, oh boy, I can tell you like martial arts. I played with some of them growing up and really have enjoyed Karate and a little Judo mixed in. Congratulations on a great post here, ROCK IT, SOCK IT!!!! Get some man!

Jason Struck, RKC said...

oh, i do.

both 'rock' and 'sock' 'it'.

Crandall, CPT, AFPA said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Nice one. I see you like to "feel alive" and really work it on the floor with BJJ. Are you a BJJ artist?