Thursday, November 27, 2008

More Jerks


This is week 4 of about 5-6 in our programming for more strength/power. We've adapted some concepts from Catalyst Athletics and Gant Grimes
Basically, most days of the week we are starting off with some skill lifts, power lifts and strength lifts drawing heavily from O lifting culture.

Today was no different;
I hit 185,205 and 225x3 in the clean pull (225=PR, +5 over earlier in the week)
I also hit 135,145 and 155lbs x3 in the high hang squat clean

Then it was met con time.

Jerks - 95lbs
Pull Ups - BW

This was Fran with out all that squatting. Given that I weigh 150lbs, and my max strict press is about 125lbs, 95lb thrusters fuck me up pretty quick. But I am working on it. Today's workout seemed like a step in the right direction...

It's been interesting getting smacked around by three days in a row of Jerks, from 115lbs x 7 for rounds, to 12,9&6 with 70lbs KB and now finally 21-15-9 at 95lbs. I am a better man for it.

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