Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day Two

I am a little woozy while writing this...

I just completed Tuesday's WOD at Full Circle

My performance...

Clean Pull 145x5, 165x5 and 195x5 (PR)


Jerk 115lbs
Row 500m

four rounds for time

I finished in 16:18

I thought I'd burn right through the jerks, but for some reason I really stumbled through the first two rounds. Ironically, I took little down time in rounds 3 and 4 when I was considerably tired.
Perhaps my mistake was completing the first row in 1:48, about 9 seconds behind my PR. Of course, I told myself I'd do it about 2:10, so that I'd really fresh for the more demanding jerks...
once I get one fast pull, i can never slow down. It's almost impossible for me to pace myself on the erg. I could never compete beyond 1000m. It just wouldn't work.

my rows were approximately;

do the math... that means I spent more time 'pressing' than anything else, again. Well, there seems to be a pattern emerging!

Jason needs some stick time with just about every type of barbell overhead lift there is, as well as a reacquainting with the russian military press, more time on the rings and lots more time upside down.

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