Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cleaning at the Weight Room

A few shots of me at the Weight Room, in Richmond, VA. Now that I am around 170lbs, all my lifts are going up! I can't wait to start training the Olympic Lifts more seriously, but I was pleasantly surprised to clean 195 (beating my old PR by 30+lbs) without much effort.

Here are some vids!

I was very happy with the new weight, and I totally thought that I was catching the bar lower and lower... but with a coach or a camera it becomes more clear that I am still catching high...
I'll keep working on it!

power to you, comrades!


Kettlebell Athletics said...


I suck at barbell work so take this for what it's worth, but, you're flexing your elbows way too much.

Jason said...

you're kind of right!

one more point to work out!

That might help my pull get a little higher a little easier, thanks Jason!

PS: already wrote a review for you at DD!