Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Where to Lift in RVA

Since moving to Richmond, I have been around a little. There are some great places to lift...

but so far my favorite, and the one where I spend the most time, has to be the Weight Room.

Run by Chris Lawyer, the Weight Room, off of Broad and Roseneath, near the intersection of 195/64, is not large. I think it's about 1600 square feet. It doesn't have a lot of fancy equipment. But it has two of the most important things a gym can have; people that can help you improve technically, and trainees that are serious about improving themselves. It sounds stupid, but the right environment is probably more important than any other single factor in serious lifting success. Since beginning training at the Weight Room, I have consistently hit new PR's in everything that I track. Much of this would have happened anywhere I train, but still. I know that much of was as great or as quick as it was due to the positive, supportive and intense environment that I have the luxury of training in a few times a week. Thanks TWR!

PS: Prices for membership vary, but I paid $150 for a six month membership. That's $25 a month, for a gym that has bumpers and tires and stones, amongst other things!

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