Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Testing out this 'BLOG THING'

So, what follows is me trying to figure out how all of this works... I'll be seeing if I can successfully post videos, pictures and other fun goodies!

Let's have a go, shall we?

So, what you are watching is the end of one of my kettlebell classes. The students you see in the video are Aaron B, a local BJJ blue belt, and James S, a professor. Aaron has obviously done sit throughs before, and is doing just fine cruising through to the end of this circuit. James has just learned them last week, and is finding it much harder to get to the end!
This is an excellent example of how it easy it is to mix Kettlebells with other protocols for sport specific conditioning, in this case, we hit windmills, then crunches, supermen and finally the travelling sit throughs to get some very mean metabolic conditioning for the core!


Kettlebell Athletics said...

This is sweet. I'm gald you started blogging. Can't wait to see the things you cook up.

Jason said...

totally inspired by you... and crossfit.

thanks duder!