Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Recent goings on...

I actually got Mike Burgnener to watch and review my snatch related techniques via Facebook.

Pretty cool.

So his analysis of this work out was as follows:

- Don't worry about doing high pulls, it's messing up your form;
elbows are going back instead of up
- Try inserting a pause at the bottom of your Overhead Squats,
it will build strength and help recover heavier snatches

So, I tried to shut up and listen. I created this video a few days later and he also graciously reviewed it as well.

Snatch Review from Full Circle on Vimeo.

His comments were as follows:

- you are very coachable
- keep up the good work
- you come out of the high hang (open the hip angle) a little too hastily;
try to withhold extending the hip just a little while longer

I was very pleased. A friend on Facebook said; 'I can't believe that you got Mike Burgener to comment on your lifts!' I said; 'I asked nicely.'

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Crandall, CPT, AFPA said...

I think Coach is right on the money here, he gave you good advice, but I would add, SAFETY FIRST!!! Remember, as I tell my clients: "Crandall is here to HELP you, not HURT you. So let's ROCK!"