Friday, February 20, 2009

WOD Challenge!!!

I tried to have Mark tape me doing our own benchmark workout,
"One Gross WOD"
It's a great workout that looks simple enough, 15-12-9 of push ups, med ball cleans, pull ups and the kettlebell swing (24kg/16kg). The first time I tried it I hit 7:13 and that record stayed up until one Mark Maddux came to visit the gym and knocked it out in 6:30 or so. His pushups were like rapid fire pistons. I was sure no one would beat that time.

Then my client Matt Bahen goes at it for his second time, and I tell him: "Just don't stop. Never quit mid set, just keep moving."
He hits 5:56, and now I am sure that without maybe butterfly kips or something like that, there's no way that this can be done any faster.

My goal was to hit 5:55. I told myself the same thing; 'Don't stop'. I paused in the rack up top in two or three of my med ball cleans. That was about it.

Here's the vid:
well... here's my last five swings and me sucking air...

Aftermath: One Gross WOD from Full Circle on Vimeo.

Please give this a try at your own box, and post your results to comments. If you hit under 7 minutes, post a video link. I'd love to show it!



Matt Bahen said...

Phenomenal job Jason! I knew my record wouldn't stand for long! I'm gonna have to go after this one again...but I'm not sure where I'll shave any seconds off!

Jason M Struck, RKC said...

My goal was to see your 5:56 and raise you 5:55. There's definitely a way to do it faster. I think that someone could break 5:00 minutes, but it would be nuts.

I just hope someone sends me a video. That would be totally rad.

I have to do it again in a week or two and actually get it on camera this time...