Friday, February 13, 2009

Been busy

Sorry guys

I haven't had much of a chance to write up any original content...

School still takes up some of my time, we are now offering 29 hours of classes at Crossfit Full Circle, I am now the president of VCU Judo and sort of the instructor for lack of one and I am sure there's other stuff I am forgetting to mention.

I just returned from Austin, which is still weird(if you've been there, you know what I mean). I attended the 'Affiliate Gathering' or 'FilFest 2009'. It was mostly an opportunity for everyone to pat each other on the back, and to talk about Rhabdo and Insurance. It was good, but I was really looking forward to some specific info from Andy and John about how they run their business or from Lisbeth or Tony about running your blog.
They tried, but there simply wasn't enough time left. Everything preceding it ran long and they left those things until the end.
I am taking off for DC next weekend to do a gymnastics cert with Jeff Tucker at Jen Conlin's Crossfit Potomac. The idea is become a better teacher with some of the basics.
Everyone at the gym is making some serious progress. I've had a couple of clients come in with a couple of dead hang pull ups under their belts progress to 15+ kipping pull ups, some go from NO pull ups to a couple and a bunch of people starting to look like they know what they're doing when they snatch. It's a pretty good feeling.
My 'internet friend' Melissa Byers is affiliating up in New Hampshire. My first instinct was to say 'Yay. Another affiliate.' (as in sarcasm) Which is bullshit. Not only is she funny, engaging and obviously disciplined but she's clearly a 'student of the game'. She seems to spend most of her free time traveling to certs, including the one that I am headed to in DC. I look forward to meeting her. Maybe we can talk shop about running our boxes. Maybe she can help us with our image.
I will leave it at that for now. I am tired. BJJ, Judo, Lifting, Coaching, Graduating. I love all of them, but I am finding it hard to give everything to all of them. Sorry school. And Judo, I don't have time for someone who's going to play hard to get. I mean, just look at the way BJJ is dressed. BJJ is asking for it. You're acting like a cock-tease.

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