Wednesday, July 16, 2008

remember when I used to deadlift

This is mostly for my benefit, to re-inspire me to return to my PTTP roots.

This was back last summer. I was weighing about 155lbs.

This is also a good look at 1RM DL'ing. Watch the form regress, but not 'fail' outright.

Deadlift 339lbs

Nice and clean ~90%

Deadlift 359lbs

still looking pretty good. Hips come up a little faster, overall lift is a little slower. I drop the bar right after lock out. It was a double overhand grip. You try 2.3x bodyweight like that sometime! ~95%

Deadlift : 369lbs

My hips come straight up, and I lose some thoracic extension, but my lumbar remains arched. I am a strong 'rdl'er', and that's basically what I did here. Don't recommend it for everyone.

Deadlift 379lbs

It should be clear that this is a MAX effort. The lift required about 6 seconds to complete from lift off until lock out. I lost ALL thoracic extension. However, my lumbar remained straight (rather than arched). This was absolutely 100% of 1RM. Another 5lbs would have shut me down. At the time, I wished to compete with the PTTP DL team, which required a contest performance of 2.5 x BW. This was about 2.43 for me at the time. I needed additional time to prepare for the RKC certification, so I stopped.

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