Monday, February 4, 2008

Another Ronda Post!

The following are some recent highlights from Ronda Rousey (USA 70kg) in major competitions. Many of my readers are most likely involved primarily with BJJ, and may not be that familiar with IJF style judo. I will try to add a few notes.

This link is the finals of the World Championships. First, an American woman hasn't really been in the finals of the worlds in a LONG time, so that alone is noteworthy. After taking the silver at the World's, Ronda became the 3rd or 4th ranked female in the world in the 70kg (under 154lbs) weight class. Her opponent Gevrise Emaine is also very highly ranked. It is a long match, going to decision. Gevrise scores on Ronda early, and Ronda is forced to press an attack she struggles to make the entire remaining 4 minutes. In the final minute, and especially 30 seconds, it becomes clear that Emaine is simply running from Ronda to ensure she wins by the substantial points lead she has gained (2 yukos, one koka... minor scores) She is penalized for doing so, but not enough to give Ronda any chance of winning.

here again, Ronda loses by a minor score in decision. This time, in Japan, amongst a clearly enthusiastic (for their home-town girl) crowd, and perhaps biased judges, she loses to a very questionable o uchi gari that has her landing on her shoulder and chest.

at the junior worlds, her skill amongst a slightly lower echelon of competitors is starkly clear. That's Jimmy Pedro's o uchi maki komi, and it works! 4 seconds to win the title of best under 18 in the world. Not long after she placed 9th in the 2004 Olmypics, at 17 whopping years of age.

One of my favourites... Kayla Harrison in Dallas doesn't want any of Rousey's groundwork. Well, Ronda doesn't really offer a choice.

Bitter sweet, as all my judo friends have always cheered for Kristen Allan, daughter of Maurice Allan, first and Ronda second. Here they are in one of their last battles for supremacy of the 63kg class. Kristen could never quite catch her. Here Ronda rolls Kristen into an amazing transition and juji gatame, something of a family tradition at this point.


Dr. AnnMaria said...

Actually, Ronda and I both really like Kristen Allen and her dad, Maurice. At the first U.S. Open camp Ronda attended (I think she was a 14-year-old purple belt maybe) a lot of the "elite" players could not be bothered with her and Maurice went with her in matwork a lot. She was still smaller than Kristen then - just the skinniest little girl.

Oh BTW Junior Worlds is under 20. Ronda just happened to be 17 when she won it but you can compete up until age 20.

Jason Struck , RKC said...

Maurice was my first Coach. And Kristen always spoke very highly of her. She made it seem as though they were friends. And hence, everyone at SportJudo cheered for Kristen first and Ronda second.