Friday, September 17, 2010

I Wanna ROCK!

Coconut Milk is seriously sweet.

So the can in the video is "Mae Ploy" brand coconut milk, and its ok. I bought it for $1.75 at my local chinese grocery store, and it's 19oz total (big).
It has seven servings, each serving consisting of about 1/3 cup.
17g F (12g Saturated)
3g C
10% Iron
No real sodium or cholesterol

For a hard core ass Paleo shake, my recommendation:

6oz Coconut Milk
3-4 TBS frozen Pineapple
1 drop vanilla extract
2 Eggs


Jason Struck, CSCS RKC said...

A friend told me that Whole Foods sells an organic coconut milk at 14oz for about 1.69, so that might be one of the best deals out there.

Rusty Linville said...

You ever try coconut water? Very similar. Great source of electrolytes, I've been using it instead of gatorade/sports drinks. Good stuff

Rusty Linville said...

Jason, you ever try coconut water? I've been drinking it for a while now. Great natural source of electrolytes, good substitue for gatorade/etc. I'll look into the coconut milk.

Jason Struck, CSCS RKC said...

Pretty Excellent Idea Rusty.

The reason I personally don't partake of Coconut water is that it is typically sweetened, and I am trying to avoid all sugars in my diet.

It's less convenient, but when I am thinking about replenishing electrolytes (rarely) I go for water and some food: typically bananas and berries and seeds.

Jason Struck, CSCS RKC said...


Also, typically Coconut water is juice from the center of the fruit, sweetened or flavored, or mixed with water.

Coconut 'milk' is the meat of the fruit, in a liquid form. It's almost 95% fat by calories, and of that about 75-85% is saturated fat.