Monday, November 30, 2009

Conjugate or Concurrent O Lifting

As promised previously, here's where I am getting to with these concepts;

Make the fast faster.
Don't limit to the barbell.
Rotate exercises.

Separate Max and Dynamic Effort via a Binary and Qualitative dichotomy. So, my first big idea was that Dynamic Effort is really all about speed, and the combination of form, speed and weight that is next to impossible to measure outside of lab. Hence, Dynamic methods might be best for those lifts fundamentally 'qualitative' anyways; pulls especially.

For Dynamic workouts, the focus would be pulls, squats and overhead lifts (press, jerk etc). I thought about incorporating two non-competitive lifts in one day as well, such as High Pulls and Strict Presses for instance. However, I think that it would be better to truly work one lift hard, with 8-12 sets of 1-4 reps, and increase the training frequency (5 days a week or more) rather than try to cover too much ground in each workout. This has a lot of potential too as Dynamic workouts tend to be short and sweet, which bodes very well for an athlete's hormonal profile.

For Maximum Effort workouts, one would lean to those lifts that are binary in nature, ie pass/fail. In the snatch, you either complete the lift or you don't. Good examples of max effort day lifts might include:
full lifts
hang variants
power variants
snatch balance
jerks from various starts and finishes
squats, DLs and presses

notice that the overlap here is in pulls, squats and presses again. Ie, an athlete would constantly be working squatting and pulling. That sounds like a surefire way to increase your O lifts.

Like the Westside system, the best application of the supplemental and accessory lifts would be a combination of basics that everyone needs (core strength) and special exercises that would bring up an athlete's weakest links. The latter should be determined by coaches or trusted lifting partners, not yourself!

I'll post examples in a week or two of workouts by the week, to kind of show what I am talking about.

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