Saturday, April 24, 2010

Reverse Band Benchin'

After Klint tempted me to test my max out, and after having had a good day working 185x4, I tried this, in the hopes of having a good size 'average weight' and a little bit of TUT with supramaximal weights.

Dug it.


Crandall, CPT, AFPA said...


You have the bands the wrong way Jason. They are making it EASIER for you to lift this weight.

Wow, don't you realize that?

And you don't need to do that strange bend and stretch thing before you start lifting, it just makes you look completely silly.

Try using the bands pulling the weight DOWN, not UP!


Plus, you told people on here you did not have a bench at your gym. Why lie?

Jason Struck, RKC said...

I got one.

Now I have one. (two in fact!)

Matt said...

Yeah, making it easier to bench the weight by dynamically loading the bar when you press...

Wait, is that reverse or am I just A.F.U like Cran da Man?

Light on the chest & heavier as you press. Makes sense to me especially as a good change-up to the training.

Crandall, CPT, AFPA said...

Good Jason, very good! I'm glad you have come to realize the truth of what Crandall and others have been preaching for years about the virtues of bench pressing! Power to the People, eh comrade?

Jason Struck, RKC said...

Thank you for all the help that you have given me over the years Crandall. I don't know where I would be without you.

If only I knew where you lived so that I could send you a video camera as a gift. Then you could post just some of the amazing stuff you do.

Crandall, CPT, AFPA said...

Jason, that is beautiful, good to hear!

So what made you make progress? Last year, you disdained the bench press and looked down upon it. Now you seem to worship it as part of your Crossfit religion? What changed brosef?

Oh, but I don't post videos of myself Jason. I am not vain and do not need to show off. Posting videos is only for showoffs and people obsessed with themselves. That is no good and betrays a deficiency of spirit.

Happy days!

Jason Struck, RKC said...


without your spiritual guidance who knows where I would be today.

thank you.

i will NOT send you the camera, as now I know the fallacy and vanity of that notion. Crandall does not need to see what he is doing! Crandall just does it! Safely. With rocking.

Rock on, Cran man. Rock on.

Crandall, CPT, AFPA said...

Jason, no no no no my brosef. If you only want to watch yourself, you could use this new invention, called...a mirror! LMAO!!!!

But even if you videotaped yourself, if you were really just doing it for yourself, to see your form, YOU WOULDN'T NEED TO POST IT ON THE INTERNET!!!

Oops, I busted you there huh brosef? So come on, stop the vanity, especially since you don't lift a lot of weight brosef.

Just be a humble, dignified servant of your clients, like Crandall is.

May life serve you well my brosef.