Monday, September 7, 2009

Concessions I have made

To the modern world and my own tastes/circumstances
whilst trying to follow a 'Paleo' diet:

Dried Fruit

Injera (?)


One half packet of Truvia

some lentils, peas and garbanzos (less than one serving each)

Sweet Potatoes (Fries) (?)

Edamame (?)


Matt said...

I had to Google Injera...but I'm betting teff flour isn't paleo. If the dried fruit doesn't have sugar added isn't it paleo? Sweet potatoes are 'allowed' at certain times according to 'The Paleo Diet for Athletes' but I think the fries part might be stretching it. Yummy, but stretching it. Edamame...isn't that soy? Yech.

All things considered Coach, those aren't awful concessions. I'm not going to dime myself out just yet but this week's been tough...

Jason Struck, RKC said...

Thanks Matt...

hope things are going well for you over there so far.

I have since added some barbecue sauce and most of a slice of german apple shortcake to this list.

Jessie said...

Is this is all the concessions you made the first week? Really doesn't seem so bad. My list is a bit longer, especially since yesterday...

Jason Struck, RKC said...

add to this:

Pecan Pie (a few bites)
KEy Lime Pie (my own whole slice!)
2-3 tsp of Raw Sugar