Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Overview of Program leading to Regionals




Off-season: The main goals will be to increase 1RM on big lifts (C&J, Snatch, squats, presses, deadlift) as well as to increase cardiovascular fitness generally. Bring up weakpoints. 

10 weeks of GPP (through July 7th)
10 weeks of Crossfit Specific GPP (through September 15th)

Pre-season: 16 weeks, transitioning towards increasing 1RM in O lifts only, increasing volume in Crossfit training, then intensity>density in Crossfit training

Competition: February 10th or so, 2015 Open

Offseason Specifics

Weak points? 
Longer duration, lower intensity cardio. Deadlifts at higher weights/frequencies.

Unpracticed skills:
Burpees, double unders, wall balls, T2B, chest to bar, handstand walk, kipping dips, rope climbs, bar muscle ups, pistols

Weeks 1-10 (til July 7th)
Do the gymnast at least 3 days per week, include as many under practiced skills above as possible
Do the endurance class every week
complete the two cardio workouts each week
Do barbell AS RX'd, including Saturday

Weeks 11-20 (July 14th through September 15th)
Do barbell 4 days per week, all am sessions
Augment barbell as follows: weeks 11-15, do 4 sets of squats, one extra set of primary lifts
weeks 16-20 do 3 sets on volume, do 2-3 extra sets on primary
Do endurance class on Tuesday night
Weeks 11-15 add Level 2 WODs on Wednesday night and Saturday mornings
Weeks 16-20 add Friday night Level 2 as well

During the strength portion of Level 2 classes you will practice a 'pet lift' or the gymnast. You will typically rotate two pet lifts. 

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