Thursday, June 12, 2008

Weights, Strength Equipment

If you are in the Richmond, VA area you may be able to help me!

Do you have some exercise equipment you no longer use? I am looking to outfit the garage gym, and I am coming up short on a few things.

Here's some of the things that I am especially looking for;

Weight Plates (Olympic, not standard)
Strongman relevant things (Kegs, Tires, Hammers, Sleds etc)
Rubber mats of just about any kind
Organizational equipment (plate holders, dumbbell racks etc)
Bench/rack equipment (squat racks, stands, benches etc)
Rope (thick/large diameter)
Rower! Concept 2 preferred

If the equipment in question is of decent quality/condition, I'd be perfectly happy to pay you for your 'junk'.


Drop me a line here: mail me

1 comment:

Jason Struck , RKC said...

thanks for all your help, but I can always take more!